The New Social Order

A School for Social Fish

What do people mean when they say ‘social’? In this ever expanding digital era, who is truly untouched. Who is really disconnected from the mainframe? Isn’t social media the new air we breathe, the new ocean we surf?

Being non social is not the same as being anti-social. People who eat their neighbours and piss in their gardens, well, those are the anti-social ones. Or maybe the esteemed residents of Arkham. In other terms sociopaths. There used to be two kinds of people once, the introverts and the extroverts. And communication was the issue. The modes and the means (media) of interaction has since changed.

Yes, there are still introverts and then there are the ones with a million things to say. But you no longer need to ‘prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet’. Being a socialite doesn’t require your picture peeking down from the page 3 anymore. It doesn’t require the owners of media to flash you on their page. We live in a platinum age of socializing. We are the page. We are the interaction. We are what we say. The ability and the will to disconnect from the online portals is much harder than physical dissociation.

We have reengaged. We have changed how we imagine ourselves and how we interact with our world. We have always had things to say. But now we can discover our own unique instant audience. The universe is peta bits of information. And we are  ‘the leaf, the blossom or (and) the bole’. We are the dancer and the dance.

Welcome to the new social order. You are the center of the universe. Happy social media day. We at Brainpan Studio manufacture social media stories and help you reach your optimum social potential.

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Art Protection

Someone wicked once whispered into our ears. “Art is without boundary”, said he. That got us thinking. How can we capture art if it slips through the borders?


Then he said, “Borders are porous. Imagination is seamless”.


We locked him up in the Arkham along with Gotham’s many. Yet his words echoed still. His mockery apparent. How do we capture art? And how do we stop it from escaping?

We painted murals on the walls with paint mixed with glue. We stuck our characters in papers on the pillars.

We put them on canvases and framed them for the studio wall. We pinned them and then hung them in cluster small.

the wall of frames

But to hold on to things that doesn’t move is easy. What will we do with the ones we animate? What do we do when we give life? Like kids in perpetual motion won’t they just get lost in this vast world. How do you prevent art from leaving the basement?


Yes, we got a dog. The name is Troy. A Doberman with a strong dislike towards small kids and pigs. And a penchant towards art. Long live the dog. Now we safeguard art. Brainpan Studio is now a Troy protected art zone. Feel free to bring your art to the basement.  We offer art protection.


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Character Design: Pahalwan Daler Singh

Character designing at  Brainpan Studio

Meet Pahalwan Daler Singh. Strong like an elephant and cute like a button. Famous in the coastal area of Karwar as the man who ate a hundred fishes. Though a vegetarian ‘by birth’ and a teetotaler by inclination, he never can stop fishing for more. Nothing excites him like a quite shore and fishing with his little friend, the kingfisher.


Character designing is one of the key aspects of storyboarding. Our team of trained graphic artists and visualists help you etch our your ideas and ideals into animated life. Our magicians then breathe in magic. Brainpan Studio, giving wings to your vision.

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Storyboarding for Explainer Video

Client: Doctor’s Diary 

Doctor’s Diary is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) application that promises ‘one patient, one record’ for 1.25 billion Indian population. Doctor’s Diary facilitates a holistic understanding of each patient’s health, minimizes human errors, prevents wrong diagnosis and helps the doctor make a more informed decision.

Shot No. 1 


Action: Scene opens with a globe.
Transition: Camera zooms in on the map of India.
VO (Voice Over): Like

Shot No. 2


Action: We see the map of India on the globe with many silhouettes of doctors.
Transition: Camera zooms in on a Doctor.
VO : Thousands of doctors practicing in India,

Shot No. 3


Action: We focus on our character Dr. Singh. 5 stars appear above his head to show reputation and excellence.
Transition : Camera zooms out.
VO : Dr. Singh is one with good diagnostic reputation.

Shot No.4


Action: Image with stars, hanging on the wall in a shape of a certificate (certification of excellence). We see Dr. Singh’s clinic he asked for past reports from a patient a report icon pop up above Dr. Singh’s head and another report paper appears above patient’s head with a cross sign on it ( it shows the communication between Dr and patient like comics).
Transition: Camera zooms out.
VO : But quite often due to lack of information and data, he can’t give his best to the patients he cares for.

Shot No.5


Action:  We see so many patients in red color on the Indian map. Patients look affected with diseases like allergies and reactions.
Transition: Camera zooms in on a corner.
VO: In India, a majority of people are deprived from having the treatment they actually need.

Shot No.6


Action: We see different patient in front of a board with ? Mark on their head. Header of the Board reads “Medical Information” but below the header board all is Blank.
Transition: Scene changes with paper flip transition.
VO : It all happens because of lack of complete medical information (such as allergies, reactions, and response to medication)

Shot No.7


Action : We see a paper flipping transition and ends with a medical History file appearing on the screen.
Transition: File opens.
VO : and patient medical

Shot No.8


Action: We see ? Mark appears inside the file.
Transition: File flips.
VO : History. Now, everything is

Shot No.9


Action: File convert into a tablet with Doctor’s Dairy app.
Transition: Camera pans right with Logo.
VO : going to change with the help of Doctor’s Diary – the revolutionary electronic health record app

Shot No.10


Action: Now logo moves inside the computer screen.
Transition: Two split scene enters in the screen.
VO:  and website.

Shot No.11


Action: Now we see a split scene of Dr Singh and patient both using their app happily patient is on a trip( Inside a train) but access on details about her health same doctor Singh is now access all details very easily with Doctor’s Dairy app.
Transition: Camera zooms in on Mrs. Kumar.
VO: Dr. Singh doesn’t have to be worried about information and Mrs. Kumar is also free from keeping scores of records on her own. No matter where she is!!!

Shot No.12


Action: Mrs. Kumar pull out her medical card.
Transition: Camera zooms in on the card.
VO: Four major advantages of using the Doctor’s Diary.
1. Patient Health Card:

Shot No.13


Action: We see medical card with app logo and Mrs. Kumar details. In the corner we see barcode. We see card is inside a cloud.
Transition: Card flips and new scene appears.
VO: Each patient is provided with a Unique Health Card. The entire patient’s health information is securely stored on the cloud – almost paperless and easily accessible.

Shot No.14


Action: We see patient with doctor. Dr. show her all details about her Like sugar or cholesterol are under control. 
Transition : Camera pans up.
VO : 2. Patient Health Analytics: Doctor’s Diary framework uses state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze and predict patient’s medical condition and provide other crucial insights.

Shot No.15


Action: Now we see some people using tablets. Phones on the left Side.
Middle  – Doctors icon.
Right side – Computer and tablets connects with other.
Transition: Cut shot.
VO : 3. Knowledge Center: It builds, learns and shares patterns of diseases through similar devices, NEWS media, Government Organizations and social network sites. Keeps doctors updated with latest information about healthcare industry.

Shot No.16


Action: We see a map with different areas effected with Dengue, Malaria, Cholera, and Influenza.
Influenza in US and China.
Dengue in India.
Malaria and Cholera in Africa.
Malaria in Indonesia.
Transition: Camera zooms in on a part of map.
VO: 4. Mathematical Model: Doctor’s Diary also builds mathematical models for contagious diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Cholera, and Influenza.

Shot No.17


Action: We see a area effected with diseases people looks effected. On the left side we see icons that shows humidity. Temperature and pollution levels are high on this area.
Transition: Camera zooms out.
VO : It even takes environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pollution level into consideration.

Shot No.18


Action: Now we see previous information is pops up in the Mobile phones and tablets used by the Doctors and patients. Biohazard or Alert Sign appears inside. 
Transition: Camera pans up.
VO : Medical personnel and community is thus warned about the epidemics and pandemics.

Shot No.19


Action: We see clinic and hospital appears on the globe. Above the Globe we see logo and text” Designed to make way for a SWASTHA BHARAT”.
Transition: Everything fades out except the logo.
VO : Doctor’s Diary – designed to make way for a SWASTHA BHARAT.
Small setup Clinics to multi specialty hospitals –

Shot No.20 


Action: Doctor’s diary logo settled on the right and Brainpan logo Appears on the left , underneath them text “For more information Contact” appears.
Transition: CUT END.
VO: Doctor’s Diary is affordable for all. For more information contact:

The Explainer Video:

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Visualizing World: Concept Art

Imagine | Visualize | Implement 

IMAGINE: Humans vs Robots

VISUALIZE: One of the Ancients was discovered dormant in the frozen reaches of QB1 in the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt. Hidden in the comet reserve of the Scattered Disc and the Hills Cloud, the ancient had escaped human probe for hundreds of years until now. The Ancient, renamed GlobaxIV, is now under the protection and mercy of the International Policy for Final Frontier, the umbrella corporation dealing with all alien lifeforms in the post world era.

IMPLEMENT: Illustration made using Sakura pen while traveling on Delhi Metro. Colour added using photoshop later.

Artist: Moon Arun | Brought to life by: Brainpan Studio 

We at Brainpan Studio work in sync with our clients to give life to your imagination. From concept to paper to screen, we visualise your dreams. Our highly animated team of visual and graphic artists work in tandem with you to reimagine, visualize and implement your ideas. Give wings to your vision.

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First 500 Connections on Facebook

We are now connected with over 500 people in the fickle world of Facebook. Our fans made our interaction possible. Each one of them. Their love, their comments and their sharing has kept us going.

Thank you for being a witness to our nascent journey. We are still an amorphous entity looking forward to interact and evolve with you. To imagine. To visualize. And to animate our worlds together. Our fans are incredible. Thank you all.


Character Sketch: Moon Arun | Animated by: Dinesh Sharma | Brought to life by: Brainpan Studio 

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Celebrating ISRO’s 20-Satellite Launch

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched  PSLV-C34 to inject 20 satellites into polar sun-synchronous orbit. We feel extremely proud of ISRO’s foray into space to help the world look inwards and go farther into the final frontier. ISRO has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology and has helped us increase our threshold of imagination and wonder. To infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear says.

Concept: PSLV-C34 launches into space.

Visualisation: The fiery yellow fumes of the shuttle is juxtaposed with the placid blue of the sky. The boundary in brown helps us ‘capture space’. It helps us conceptualize human aspiration in relation to the unfathomable vastness of the outer space. It helps us frame human interaction. Two third of the illustration is the blue sky. This depicts the magnitude of the journey. It is not just the shuttle that is the source of this awe. It is the very journey. It is the human aspiration. It is the need to step beyond.


Artist: Moon Arun | Brought to life by: Brainpan Studio 

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