Art Protection

Someone wicked once whispered into our ears. “Art is without boundary”, said he. That got us thinking. How can we capture art if it slips through the borders?


Then he said, “Borders are porous. Imagination is seamless”.


We locked him up in the Arkham along with Gotham’s many. Yet his words echoed still. His mockery apparent. How do we capture art? And how do we stop it from escaping?

We painted murals on the walls with paint mixed with glue. We stuck our characters in papers on the pillars.

We put them on canvases and framed them for the studio wall. We pinned them and then hung them in cluster small.

the wall of frames

But to hold on to things that doesn’t move is easy. What will we do with the ones we animate? What do we do when we give life? Like kids in perpetual motion won’t they just get lost in this vast world. How do you prevent art from leaving the basement?


Yes, we got a dog. The name is Troy. A Doberman with a strong dislike towards small kids and pigs. And a penchant towards art. Long live the dog. Now we safeguard art. Brainpan Studio is now a Troy protected art zone. Feel free to bring your art to the basement.  We offer art protection.


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