Hope for Aleppo

The world has been broken into a million little shards. Cities collapse and lives are broken into pieces that will never come together ever again. The age of experience is deeply seeped in violence and politics of power. The belief in the omnipotence has driven humanity to the brink of utter destruction. The world that has dawned upon us is the memory of dust storms hurling towards us.

The only hope in this conundrum is the age of innocence. The only hope is the unsullied vision of the young lives. Let them be free. Let us not teach the young the ways of our world. Let them be innocent. And from the ashes of this corrupted world, a beautiful and pristine universe will emerge.


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On Saturday at the Studio

One Saturday the team huddles at the studio to experiment with stop motion animation.

Here is the story after the shoot:

Pluto drinks milk from the Korova Milk Bar. Moon bears the weight of the table, the studio, the state, the country, the world like Sisyphus in depression. Ankit stares blank and stares hard; metamorphosing into Deep Thought. Jatin stares far and stares vague; contemplating questioning 42.

AC falls like the giants collapse; asking the universe to bend into his arms.

Support team: Ani, the migratory bird. Tau, the guardian of V. Shashank, the extraterrestrial consultant.

Missing from Action: Adi, the CEO + Tech Support. Komil, the Baker of Fleet street. Arvind, getting married.


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Concept Art: The Rise of the Monumetals (XLIV)

XLIV. The Graveyard of Stellar Ships

Phantom Bluestar 44E is sent to ArchKnot Zelta VI to investigate the disturbance detected by the fringe satellite NorboTwine IX. ArchKnot Zetla VI is the graveyard of the Stellar Ships. Most Nuclear Dust Vehivles (NDV) are sent here to retire. Salvaging from this planet is banned under the Law of Archeneid. But NorboTwine IX which monitors Code 9 planets detected the presence of large organic mass in the periphery. Phanton Bluestar 44E is tier 1 patrol ship of the NueyerXelta.


This is a part of the Graphic Series: “The Rise of the Monumetals”
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Title Animation: The Good We Can

This Saturday was a day of epic fun. The team got together for a special project. Our experiment with stop motion animation. Using wooden clips and other office supplies we designed the motto. AC took the photographs. Ankit, Pluto and Moon built the words. Ani was here to help us out too. Moon calls him the migratory bird. Later we had pizza and rearranged furniture.

The project was for the title animation of 100 Pipers’ “The Good You Can” series.


“The Good You Can” series:

  1. Don’t Be Idle
  2. Finish What You Started
  3. Save Between Strokes

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International Tea Day 2016

Today is International Tea Day. It is a day to sip your favourite brew. It is also a day to remember about the impact of  global tea trade on the workers and growers. Tea refreshes us from the daily grind and helps us share a moment. But let us also take a moment to think about the living conditions of the thousands of plantation labourers who work daily to make this happen. Let us support ethically procured tea. Let us drink responsibly.

What is your favourite tea?


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Diana Paints Troy

Troy is now immortalised in the art of Diana Necşulescu. He has been cloned into the imaginary universe. And now he will live forever; eating, barking and playing ball. Thank you, Diana for this gorgeous depiction of our goofy studio dog. Diana is a kind of a Dr. Doolittle of the sketching world. The animals speak in her paintings. She is a wonderful portrait artist and her work with colours is incredible.

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What Troy Thinks (i)

Our Security-in-chief, Mr Troy ain’t too amused with Moon’s antics. He is perplexed with all the scribbling taking place in the studio. Sketches on paper, graffiti on wall, doodles on laptops, calligraphy on plastic cups, stick figures on pizza cartons, paintings on canvas and et al. He wonders, why can’t humans just eat, bark and play with ball.


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World Human Rights Day

On this day in 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We salute the undeniable spirit of every human being who does not compromise on his rights and work towards the rights of the others. Together we will live with dignity and respect for each other.


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Concept Art: The Rise of the Monumetals (XXVIII)

XXVIII. The 7th Realm

Akycha leaves the security of his own home to venture into the Lowlands. The delusion of the Jamodoras breaks with the discovery of the breach. The Lowlands has been infiltrated by the 7th Realm. The muscle ships and Block Towers have occupied the westward lands. Arohan has been infected by the War of Xion. The young scion is baffled by the discover and yet quite enticed.

This is a part of the Graphic Series: “The Rise of the Monumetals”
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