Visualizing World: Concept Art

Imagine | Visualize | Implement 

IMAGINE: Humans vs Robots

VISUALIZE: One of the Ancients was discovered dormant in the frozen reaches of QB1 in the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt. Hidden in the comet reserve of the Scattered Disc and the Hills Cloud, the ancient had escaped human probe for hundreds of years until now. The Ancient, renamed GlobaxIV, is now under the protection and mercy of the International Policy for Final Frontier, the umbrella corporation dealing with all alien lifeforms in the post world era.

IMPLEMENT: Illustration made using Sakura pen while traveling on Delhi Metro. Colour added using photoshop later.

Artist: Moon Arun | Brought to life by: Brainpan Studio 

We at Brainpan Studio work in sync with our clients to give life to your imagination. From concept to paper to screen, we visualise your dreams. Our highly animated team of visual and graphic artists work in tandem with you to reimagine, visualize and implement your ideas. Give wings to your vision.

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