How to Save Water?

IMAGINE THIRST. And then reflect on our unmindful approach towards water. This approach will prove to be fatal for all life on earth. Let us find out how we can save water while we can. SAVE WATER, SAVE YOURSELF.

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How to Deal with Myopia: An Explainer Video

Myopia or Nearsightedness is the inability to see objects at a distance clearly. 10% to 20% of school children suffer from myopia. 

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“Why We Do Not Outsource?” by Baba Toon

We have built our temple along the broken ridges of the Aravali. In a dusty city of red flowers and sky-high towers, we have framed our edifice. And on this hallowed alter, we are shaping the crèche for the young titans. We are raising a world within our walls. Yet our walls are porous and our flight, unconstrained.

We are the harbinger of the new language of the titans. It is the language that will weave the visual threads of the newer worlds. We are a coherent unit with an ever aligning core.

We do not believe in outsourcing because it is of prime importance to uphold the structural integrity of the organisation. We work on many simultaneous projects and we look out for new potentials to join our ranks and to expand the family. That’s the way we work. We are actively invested in building an inclusive and evolving culture. It is not just the quality or the beauty of our task but the attitude and the philosophy of our work that guides us. And to dilute that in favour of size and quantity is a compromise that we will not make.

We are NOT willing to OUTsource but we are always eager to partner up. Partners are equals in vision, intention and drive. They are the lighthouses that project light to help our ship navigate the unknown waters. Our ship is the arc that holds the grains for our mutual future. Partners share breath and bread. They align with the axis to improve the movement and boost the momentum. They are the links that complements our inherent values and strengthens the chain of organisational integrity.

We do not outsource instead we look for partners.


Note: The fluid words are Baba Toon’s own but the idea was sanctioned by the makers of Brainpan Studio

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