Storyboarding for Explainer Video

Client: Doctor’s Diary 

Doctor’s Diary is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) application that promises ‘one patient, one record’ for 1.25 billion Indian population. Doctor’s Diary facilitates a holistic understanding of each patient’s health, minimizes human errors, prevents wrong diagnosis and helps the doctor make a more informed decision.

Shot No. 1 


Action: Scene opens with a globe.
Transition: Camera zooms in on the map of India.
VO (Voice Over): Like

Shot No. 2


Action: We see the map of India on the globe with many silhouettes of doctors.
Transition: Camera zooms in on a Doctor.
VO : Thousands of doctors practicing in India,

Shot No. 3


Action: We focus on our character Dr. Singh. 5 stars appear above his head to show reputation and excellence.
Transition : Camera zooms out.
VO : Dr. Singh is one with good diagnostic reputation.

Shot No.4


Action: Image with stars, hanging on the wall in a shape of a certificate (certification of excellence). We see Dr. Singh’s clinic he asked for past reports from a patient a report icon pop up above Dr. Singh’s head and another report paper appears above patient’s head with a cross sign on it ( it shows the communication between Dr and patient like comics).
Transition: Camera zooms out.
VO : But quite often due to lack of information and data, he can’t give his best to the patients he cares for.

Shot No.5


Action:  We see so many patients in red color on the Indian map. Patients look affected with diseases like allergies and reactions.
Transition: Camera zooms in on a corner.
VO: In India, a majority of people are deprived from having the treatment they actually need.

Shot No.6


Action: We see different patient in front of a board with ? Mark on their head. Header of the Board reads “Medical Information” but below the header board all is Blank.
Transition: Scene changes with paper flip transition.
VO : It all happens because of lack of complete medical information (such as allergies, reactions, and response to medication)

Shot No.7


Action : We see a paper flipping transition and ends with a medical History file appearing on the screen.
Transition: File opens.
VO : and patient medical

Shot No.8


Action: We see ? Mark appears inside the file.
Transition: File flips.
VO : History. Now, everything is

Shot No.9


Action: File convert into a tablet with Doctor’s Dairy app.
Transition: Camera pans right with Logo.
VO : going to change with the help of Doctor’s Diary – the revolutionary electronic health record app

Shot No.10


Action: Now logo moves inside the computer screen.
Transition: Two split scene enters in the screen.
VO:  and website.

Shot No.11


Action: Now we see a split scene of Dr Singh and patient both using their app happily patient is on a trip( Inside a train) but access on details about her health same doctor Singh is now access all details very easily with Doctor’s Dairy app.
Transition: Camera zooms in on Mrs. Kumar.
VO: Dr. Singh doesn’t have to be worried about information and Mrs. Kumar is also free from keeping scores of records on her own. No matter where she is!!!

Shot No.12


Action: Mrs. Kumar pull out her medical card.
Transition: Camera zooms in on the card.
VO: Four major advantages of using the Doctor’s Diary.
1. Patient Health Card:

Shot No.13


Action: We see medical card with app logo and Mrs. Kumar details. In the corner we see barcode. We see card is inside a cloud.
Transition: Card flips and new scene appears.
VO: Each patient is provided with a Unique Health Card. The entire patient’s health information is securely stored on the cloud – almost paperless and easily accessible.

Shot No.14


Action: We see patient with doctor. Dr. show her all details about her Like sugar or cholesterol are under control. 
Transition : Camera pans up.
VO : 2. Patient Health Analytics: Doctor’s Diary framework uses state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze and predict patient’s medical condition and provide other crucial insights.

Shot No.15


Action: Now we see some people using tablets. Phones on the left Side.
Middle  – Doctors icon.
Right side – Computer and tablets connects with other.
Transition: Cut shot.
VO : 3. Knowledge Center: It builds, learns and shares patterns of diseases through similar devices, NEWS media, Government Organizations and social network sites. Keeps doctors updated with latest information about healthcare industry.

Shot No.16


Action: We see a map with different areas effected with Dengue, Malaria, Cholera, and Influenza.
Influenza in US and China.
Dengue in India.
Malaria and Cholera in Africa.
Malaria in Indonesia.
Transition: Camera zooms in on a part of map.
VO: 4. Mathematical Model: Doctor’s Diary also builds mathematical models for contagious diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Cholera, and Influenza.

Shot No.17


Action: We see a area effected with diseases people looks effected. On the left side we see icons that shows humidity. Temperature and pollution levels are high on this area.
Transition: Camera zooms out.
VO : It even takes environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pollution level into consideration.

Shot No.18


Action: Now we see previous information is pops up in the Mobile phones and tablets used by the Doctors and patients. Biohazard or Alert Sign appears inside. 
Transition: Camera pans up.
VO : Medical personnel and community is thus warned about the epidemics and pandemics.

Shot No.19


Action: We see clinic and hospital appears on the globe. Above the Globe we see logo and text” Designed to make way for a SWASTHA BHARAT”.
Transition: Everything fades out except the logo.
VO : Doctor’s Diary – designed to make way for a SWASTHA BHARAT.
Small setup Clinics to multi specialty hospitals –

Shot No.20 


Action: Doctor’s diary logo settled on the right and Brainpan logo Appears on the left , underneath them text “For more information Contact” appears.
Transition: CUT END.
VO: Doctor’s Diary is affordable for all. For more information contact:

The Explainer Video:

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