LED Bulb vs Regular Bulb: Which is Better?

100 Pipers’ “The Good You Can” campaign encourages people to make a small shift in lifestyle to bring about a momentous change in the world.

The “LED the Way” video shows that the numbers do add up. A small change from regular bulbs to LED is highly economical and a eco-friendly move.

Use LED bulbs.

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An engineer bearing embers from the portal RumbleArt met an imaginative artist from Assam. The sun greeted the cloudmaker and a rainbow hexagon grew on the horizon. Thus began the story.

We are building an innovative space and inclusive culture for our ever expanding visual universe.

We are a team of prolific creatives and animated personas that believe in STORIES THAT NEVER FADE.

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Job description

  • Concept Creation/Ideation
  • Script Writing- Generating Quality Content
  • Production Lead- Can lead and manage the process of Production
  • Direction- Should be able to direct and supervise the process of Production
  • Client Servicing
  • Client Pitching

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