Hi Moon,

Well, I would like to address you “Moon” and not “Arun” for the reason that you’re far away from the madding crowd in terms of imagination and design sensibility. This assertion, I assure, is not to flatter but to express a sort of genuine acknowledgment for you (as a professional) and your project; Brainpan Studio.

I have been observing Brainpan’s digital artworks for quite some time now. Today, out of curiosity, I navigated to your website, and to be frank, I felt enchanted. Now, I did not just like the innovative illustrations, thoughtful fonts, lively colors, crisp content, but also the fact that it all felt so breathable (astounding UX & UI). It was as if I was walking through some alley in downtown Paris with a featherlight straw hat on my head.

Your project conceptually and artistically is unique, really and I’m sure you know it already. What is furthermore amusing is the fact that your team seems to be enthusiastically and collectively working on building a bootstrapped project into a brand and mindfully spreading the required amount of awareness. I would heartfully appreciate if you could share this with your team and congratulatory encourage them to keep passionately working.

Aditi Gulati


They say the World is divided into the quantitative and qualitative people. The analytical and the creative. The science folk and the artsy folk. The objective and the subjective. Very rarely one comes across those who not only endeavour to appreciate both, but also have the audacity to express their prowess in both. The CEO is undoubtedly such a person. The resultant outcome, Brainpan Studio – as their body of work suggests so far – is here to change the way the World thinks. May you create the next step in the sustainable evolution of humankind. Cheers guys!

The Elusive Recluse


Brainpan Studio develops engaging visual language for companies that interacts with audience in a holistic manner. They create personas for products that in turn become effective social media influencers. The studio in Gurgaon boasts of highly animated artists, visualists and writers. This maybe the coolest studio in the town.

-Sumanto Majumder


Really appreciate the cool work environment and state-of-the-art-setup @Brainpan Studio. Professional work ethics, highly experienced and talented team committed to deliver projects with world class standards bringing along 100% client satisfaction and on time delivery promise completely ensures vertical growth in a very short span of time.

Impressed with dedication of whole team of Brainpan Studio towards work, always ready to deal with any challenge, positively.

-Vinay Kaushik


Okay I have to say this out loud. I have been a silent spectator of your posts for a long time now and I cannot resist but seize the opportunity to tell you that your work is brilliant. Awe inspiring, Phenomenal ! (Okay somebody take the thesaurus away from me now :p ) Your visual perception abilities and the deductive reasoning skills… how a doodle evolves to a narrative storyline, every idea is impeccable! Thank-you for stimulating my brain, I love it when it starts to take a creative turn! 😀

-Deepti Tiwari


5 Stars being the only option here, Brainpan has shown the adherence to construct. Team’s thoughtfulness and devotion to work in challenging times is what has forced me to write here for them. They rock!

-Narayan Tushar Kaudinya


Absolutely in love with the quality of service Brainpan Studio renders. Hope to get in touch with you people real soon with a fresh batch of lots of work! Amazing people!

-Abhijit Das


Lots of respect and warmth here for you. Gracious & talented. You’re awesome.

Code of Arms


Awesome is right. A cool little narrative.

Phantom Art Drop


Good luck 😀 i really love your artworks and animations 🙂 i am exited to see who will be the new family member 🙂



  • [The Old World] The cross hatching has a glass-like quality to it. So cool!!!!
  • [Simple Design] This feels so calm and complete. Very cool!
  • [Moon City 9] The after effects bring it to life!
  • [Logo Animation] This is very cool! Reminds me of the game cube opening. 😀

Winitori Studios


Amazing concepts!

Nikolina Petolas


  • Man you are really good. The depth in these works are insane. You do amazing work.
  • [Toferons] I love the shading in the background. It makes the foreground standout. Nice perspective.
  • [Moon City 9] Amazing work as always. You never disappoint.

Tweaked Images Art & Design


  • Wow! Just amazing. We enjoy a lot your work.
  • [Vean Nostrada] Love those colors.
  • Beautiful. Your work it’s so entertaining. Congrats!

Titanium Muffin Studio


  • Love the creative collaboration and mindset behind bps.
  • [Under the flag of the mad king Ashoka]  Always love these among others. These in particular take me back to childhood. Where the king of art, and really the crux of my inspiration would create similar works. He was and is my older brother. Good vibes!
  • Each image in your gallery is a marvel of creativity, skill and imagination. A singular experience! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Cameron Horning


We had a very tight deadline. Brainpan Studio was able to deliver us a quality video and in an awesome budget.

-Jan Niederau (Geologist, Disease Atlas)


Brainpan Studio proposed the right price for the NGO project. Awesome creativity and a great execution!

Aparnaa Jain (Member, Sarthak Foundation)


Brainpan Studio is a team of very cool individuals who are amazing at what they do & they have a knack to simplify complex problems. These guys are very innovative, professional to work with & strictly time-bound. We love their work! And, we highly recommend them for your business.

-Saumya Aggarwal (Marketing Manager, Wacom)


The team is very creative. They were able to convey complex medical information in simple graphic elements.

-Dr. A. Mishra (MD, Nelson Hospital)