The New Social Order

A School for Social Fish

What do people mean when they say ‘social’? In this ever expanding digital era, who is truly untouched. Who is really disconnected from the mainframe? Isn’t social media the new air we breathe, the new ocean we surf?

Being non social is not the same as being anti-social. People who eat their neighbours and piss in their gardens, well, those are the anti-social ones. Or maybe the esteemed residents of Arkham. In other terms sociopaths. There used to be two kinds of people once, the introverts and the extroverts. And communication was the issue. The modes and the means (media) of interaction has since changed.

Yes, there are still introverts and then there are the ones with a million things to say. But you no longer need to ‘prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet’. Being a socialite doesn’t require your picture peeking down from the page 3 anymore. It doesn’t require the owners of media to flash you on their page. We live in a platinum age of socializing. We are the page. We are the interaction. We are what we say. The ability and the will to disconnect from the online portals is much harder than physical dissociation.

We have reengaged. We have changed how we imagine ourselves and how we interact with our world. We have always had things to say. But now we can discover our own unique instant audience. The universe is peta bits of information. And we are  ‘the leaf, the blossom or (and) the bole’. We are the dancer and the dance.

Welcome to the new social order. You are the center of the universe. Happy social media day. We at Brainpan Studio manufacture social media stories and help you reach your optimum social potential.

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