Thursday Morning at the Studio

The workflow at the studio is quite elaborate yet it works seamlessly because of our understanding of each others’ strengths and weaknesses, our mental stamina and our building blocks. No member is an island. No idea is ignored.

The process:

The creative director comes up with the concept and frames the dialogues.

The graphic artist designs the characters and draws up the storyboard.

The script is sent to the voice over artist.

The animator breathes in the magic portion.

Life infused.

The notable musician and friend from the Jazz-funk quartet “Afterglow”, Shivam joins us at the studio on his birthday. Making music is much more than just playing the instrument. A musician must take part in all aspects of the journey of creation and dissemination. A music video is a child nurtured.

Shivam puts on his producer’s cap to give us feedback on Afterglow’s upcoming music videos.

Thursday Morning.jpg

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Drinking Tea & Staring at Goats: Manager vs Worker

In a tea garden far far away in Assam, an owner hires two new recruits. One as a plantation worker and another as a manager. Achim, the worker is very hardworking and always on his toes. He wakes up early and works in the estate till it turns dark. He wastes no time and is always ready to work more. Though he never complains about work, he is not happy with the apparent discrepancy in the pay scale. He watches Bhupen, the manager sit at his desk and just play with the computer. While he carries baskets and baskets of tea leaves to the factory, the manager appears to be doodling in his little board. While he sweats in the heat, Bhupen seems to be crackling his bones. He is disappointed that even after all his backbreaking work, he ends up with only a fraction of what Bhupen earns.

Disheartened and disgruntled he goes to the owner with his complain. After patiently listening to Achim, the owner asks him to come to his house the next day. When Achim does, the owner sends him to his backyard to look at his goat. The goat had recently given birth. When he comes back, the owner inquires about the goat. Achim replies, “The goat gave birth to three little kids”. “Are they all of the same gender?”, ask the owner. “I will go check”, says Achim. “Two males, one female”. “What colours are they?”, asks the owner. “I will go check”, says Achim again. “Two brown, one black.” “Are they all healthy?”, asks the owner. “I will go check”, says Achim again. “Two seem healthy, one limps a little”. “Do they have enough water?”, asks the owner. “I will go check”, says Achim again.

Meanwhile Bhupen had come to get a file signed. Now the owner asks the manager to go to his backyard and look at the goat. When he comes back, the owner inquires about the goat. Bhupen replies, “The goat looks healthy. She has given birth to three kids. Two males, one female. The males appears to be healthy but the female has a limp. There was not enough water. Therefore I filled the bucket with some.”

The owner looks at Achim and says, “Do you understand now why there is a difference in the pay scale?” I pay you for your hard work. I pay him for his smartness. He did the same task that needed to be done but in lesser time, with lesser effort and with no supervision.


At Brainpan Studio, we believe in WORKING SMART and not working lengthy. We absorb information and decimate it accordingly. We have no thoughtless designation. We are mindful and aware. We collect and we recreate. We appreciate and anticipate. We are the creator of newer worlds but never do we disengage  with the skeletons of the old. ABSORB. ADAPT. APPLY.

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Simultaneous Spontaneous Spark

A company is not a collection of toys. It is not one man’s dream being hammered into reality by a workforce of minions. A company is not a logo, a motto or a vision. The essence of a company lies in that very word, company. We are IN company and not AT company. A stable and evolving eco-system uses the internal integrity to force on the external and not vice versa. The internal integrity of a company depends on Simultaneous Spontaneous Spark. Not a bunch of workers relaying the idea of the founder. But individuals who radiate with their own light and work at tandem to give life. Each insanely detailed gear working in motion to inspire and integrate.

At Brainpan Studio, we work together, we work as different. We are magicians, dreamers, poets, acrobats, animators, pencil sharpeners. We are trees, pipelines, canvases, clocks, neon lights, water slides. We are light and we are life. We are alive. Brainpan Studio is our forest. And we are one in motion.

Story boarding

Our process starts with interaction. Our clients. This gives rise to an idea. An idea that grows with imagination. Imagination flows into a concept. A concept that is then visualized. And this visualization is then implemented.


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