Dinesh Comes Visiting

Trying out our demented selfie faces. When an old leaf comes visiting the tree. Thank you, Dinesh for keeping the connection alive.

Dinesh is pursuing his degree in editing from Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute – SRFTI, Kolkata.


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A Fresh Coat of Ink

A new year brings newer colours to life, and in our case, a new shade of black. An enchanting forest is slowly taking over the blank studio walls. Reflecting a post apocalyptic world where human innovations have lost to nature’s revenge, the studio becomes the canvas to an imaginary universe.

A brainchild of Moon Arun, the creator.


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What Troy Thinks (i)

Our Security-in-chief, Mr Troy ain’t too amused with Moon’s antics. He is perplexed with all the scribbling taking place in the studio. Sketches on paper, graffiti on wall, doodles on laptops, calligraphy on plastic cups, stick figures on pizza cartons, paintings on canvas and et al. He wonders, why can’t humans just eat, bark and play with ball.


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