How to Establish Trust and Encourage Action Using Testimonials

“Your son has a lot of potential”; said my English teacher. My parents beamed. I bought it. But nothing ever came out of it. Sometimes I wondered if all the teachers in all the schools were coached in the same vocabulary. Their praised were as bland as their complaints. They refused to acknowledge us as individuals. We were just another brick in the wall.

What are testimonials?

Unlike our school teachers’ evaluation of our deemed merit, testimonials are the reflection of our genuine interaction with our audience. It is a vivid showcase of how we made a difference to their world. It is not a report but rather an endorsement of our credibility and resilience in creating a vivid experience.

Why do testimonials work?

  1. Testimonials are real words by real people. In a world of increasing automation and bot interactions, real human testament reflects genuine bond between people.
  2. Normal people talking in common parlance establishes authenticity and therefore credibility.
  3. Emotion bridges gaps between the digital and human world. Emotion drives real engagement.
  4. Testimonials are not final words of affirmation. There are a series of re-affirmation of trust.
  5. They answer specific aspects of a person/brand. They are focused on these elements. They are not generalised to check all boxes.
  6. Testimonials also helps us have a holistic understanding of the person/brand. It is not limited to just one aspect. They weave the story in its impact.

Photograph by Joanna Kosinska

Therefore testimonials are the cornerstone of brands trying to create impact with newer audiences. It established trust and encourage action. Testimonials shows the real face of any brand.

If you audience is the anxious generation or suffer from the attention span of a goldfish, think of testimonials in video format. Video testimonials are fun, intuitive and engaging. To find out how we can help you, contact us here.

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