A Tribute to Anton Yelchin

A young star vanishes into the final frontier. Anton Yelchin dies at the age of 27. Yelchin played the role of Pavel Chekov, the animated young navigator of the USS Enterprise in “Star Trek into Darkness”.

Though loved by many for his innocent looks and incredible acting prowess, he had no delusions about his interaction with people. “There’s only a handful of people I trust completely, and I know who they are,” he said in 2011. “Other than that, I pretty much don’t trust people. The film industry itself – the ‘industry’ and business side of it – just sucks and is really demoralising, so it’s added to my general paranoia.”

Your memory will always live long. 

Anton Yelchin.jpg

A tribute by Moon Arun (Moon Sketchbook) at Brainpan Studio

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