CEO Explains Our Core Values

I have had a genuine connection with Animals.

And over the course of my life, I have adopted and raised a bunch of them. Dogs, Birds, Dogs, more Dogs, Hamsters, Fishes…

Many think it’s impossible to train birds. Which basically means is that it’s difficult to communicate with them. This became apparent when I was raising a month-old baby dragon ; nursing him every four hours, using baby formulas and a feeding syringe. Over time we evolved and created a language of our own. We started talking using simple sounds and gestures.

Human interaction is not very different.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

This golden truth was said by Da Vinci himself. A legend in design, a master expressionist, an inventor and an artist.

Human interaction in the 21st century is often clouded by jargon and words which are difficult to comprehend. You might have something there, but if it is complex like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious people will get confused.



In an era where time is of the essence, one needs to convey their story crisply and clearly.

 Words like value, proposition, business, communication have been overused.

When everyone is extremely busy, getting someone’s undivided attention is gold. You want to be a magic show which attracts.

We have a solution !!!!




Here is an example on how we helped Johnny to make his revolutionary idea a reality.


Reason #1 Simplicity

We enable you to say more with less

You might have a technical product, app or a service that needs to be explained or concept that needs to be shaped. Simplicity is the key. 

Reason #2 Interest

Interest Increases Sales, research has shown that around 40% executives would call you after watching an explainer video, which increases conversion rates by 20-30%. There is a reason all successful brands spend on multimedia marketing. 

Reason #3 Appeal

You need to liven up your pitch, you need to create excitement. You need to make others excited about your story, create that connect and humor is a tool which definitely helps.

Reason #4 Engagement

Explainer videos create engagement, users generally spend double the amount of time on your website if you have a video. Videos are great at expressing key messages.

Reason #5 Branding

You need to showcase your personality, you have to ensure that customers not just understand but remember your key features and benefits. It is a scientific fact that an audio visual medium is the most effective way to achieve that.

All successful brands carry a personality be it an Uber, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla or a Spacex. Explainer videos enable you to create a unique personality for your brand.

Reason #6 Reach

The world is much smaller now, you need to think BIG, you can get global attention using the internet. You can penetrate in impossible markets. Explainer videos improve your google ranking, it helps in SEO and also increases the average amount of time visitors spend on your website. Explainer videos are easily sharable on the social media such as linkedIn, facebook, twitter. It helps you to improve your digital networking, we as people meet on this forum for networking. Explainer videos enable you to network on the web.

Don’t let your ideas get entangled in the web of COMMUNICATION!

Simplify Complexity!

Develop a personality for your brand.

Give wings to your vision!

We Simplify Complexity. We are Champion Explainers. We are Brainpan Studio.

All successful brands spend on marketing because of a reason.

-Signing off
Aditya Singh,
 CEO Brainpan Studio


Farewell Speech of Dinesh Sharma


“Life is a journey and on this journey you travel to places and experience things, people and their experiences. And there are some places that you wishes you could hold on to for more and that place is ‘Brainpan Studio’.

On my very first visit to Brainpan Studio, I realised that this is the place I want to work. The first guy I met (the cool CEO), the artworks of Arun and the beautiful studio. Everything told me to join the studio even if I was not paid a penny.

The thing about Brainpan Studio is and what I love the most is whatever they do they do it the right way. They plan everything out, seek solutions for the problems. They focus on every single detail and I am not just talking about work, but even when they party, I haven’t seen anybody party like them. I think I’ll try to party like them in future.

I worked here for only a couple of months and I am more wiser now. People here, every single of them are very talented. The CEO (Adi) is a great leader. Arun can create masterpieces even blindfolded. Sumanto is a mystic and a great writer. AC is a big fellow, hugeness of creativity. Pollov is an animator from another planet. And Troy (the Doberman) is our peacemaker.

And from all of them, I have learned a lot and have sharpened my tools for the future journey. There are some places you travel to and enjoy and forget, but then there are some places you go to and become a part of and that place becomes a part of you. I am leaving only the place but the essence of it will always be a part of me. ”

-Dinesh Sharma

Dinesh leaves our studio to join Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Calcutta as a editing student. We wish him all the best and hope to see him back in the studio after his education.

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