Concept Art: The Rise of the Monumetals (XLIV)

XLIV. The Graveyard of Stellar Ships

Phantom Bluestar 44E is sent to ArchKnot Zelta VI to investigate the disturbance detected by the fringe satellite NorboTwine IX. ArchKnot Zetla VI is the graveyard of the Stellar Ships. Most Nuclear Dust Vehivles (NDV) are sent here to retire. Salvaging from this planet is banned under the Law of Archeneid. But NorboTwine IX which monitors Code 9 planets detected the presence of large organic mass in the periphery. Phanton Bluestar 44E is tier 1 patrol ship of the NueyerXelta.


This is a part of the Graphic Series: “The Rise of the Monumetals”
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