The Migration Story: Moon Arun

From the forests of Kaziranga to the concrete jungle of the capital city, Moon‘s migration story is rooted in the changing landscape. Mythologies of the Eastern sky merged with the science fiction of the northern horizon and the new world became his blank canvas. After years spent practicing and perfecting the drawing curve, he visualizes the ideal art space for animators and visual artists. Together with Aditya Singh, he raises Brainpan Studio in the heart of the satellite city of Gurgaon to consolidate diverse creative voices.


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Music Video Shoot: Afterglow

Under the aegis of RumbleArt, the Thursday shoot for the Jazz Band, Afterglow was a stunning affair. Great lighting and the spectacular glow. Spontaneous notes and a grand show. Look out for Spaces, such a remarkable song.

Directed by Aditya Singh (Adi Singh Photography) and TFA-Tasveer Emerging Photographer of 2015 Narayan Tushar Kaudinya (Narayan Kaudinya)


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