Influence of Traveling on Art

We are working professionals with a heart in the wild. Traveling inspires us and helps us bring the added creative nuance and subtlety to our studio work. A foray back into the idyll homeland brings newer stories and bridges the conflicting worlds.

Stepping outside the concrete walls, enables us to gain unique perspective into the process. And thus help us SIMPLIFY COMPLEXITY.

Notice the INFLUENCE after Moon‘s October Assam visit.


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Concept Art: Showreel

We often talk about suspension of disbelief as a medium to understand the nuances of a fictional world. An alien universe, a foreign land, a zone distant from our ‘standard’ way of understanding.

Is science fiction possible because we believe in a logical progression of things yet keep alive our disbelief? Is it our disbelief that colours our sense of wonder?

What do you think?


The discovery of seven Earth-sized planets around a star called TRAPPIST-1 nearly 40 light-years away has expanded the final frontiers.

This illustration is our artistic depiction of planet E of the TRAPPIST-1 system.

We are currently working on a new scifi series about the discovery. Stay tuned.


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The Gallery of VictorSpill (v)

Name: Marcus Hollow
Registration Number: 44RT2520
Area: Periphery 14

Affiliation: HOUSE OF BARTHE


Series: The Gallery of VictorSpill

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BVI. Captain Marsh

Series: The Rise of the Monumetals

MainFrame’s last hope awaits in the forest of Arron. Captain Marsh is the mythical leader of the Terrance Front. Charged to protect the land of the freeBorns, he will march against the NeonGaurds in the Battle of FifthFork.


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