Decongest Delhi: Uber Solution (2D Animation)

There are over ONE CRORE registered vehicles in DELHI. And 1335 vehicles are added everyday. The CONGESTION keeps increasing.

How did UBER simplify this complexity? 👉 Shared Mobility (UberMoto and UberPool)

Discover how Uber communicates this to its target audience by using innovative multimedia.


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#1. Don’t be Idle (‘The Good You Can’ Animated Series)

Client: Seagram’s 100 Pipers (A brand owned by Pernod Ricard.)

Campaign: The Good You Can

Brief: Fostering the brand’s existing motto, “Be Remembered for Good“, the client required a digital branding exercise aimed at focusing on the good that can be done by each. The campaign is a series of short animated infographic videos highlighting the positive difference that every one of us can make to our world. Each animation involves a specific act or habit that can potentially change our environment.

Series: #1. Don’t be Idle.

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