The Friday Class Photograph

Remember the annual day during the school years when we were exposed in front of the camera? A photographer was called and we were all tidied up. No ruffled hair, no missing shoe laces, no untucked shirts. We were sobered up. And in the next hour, the improbable was made possible. Out of chaos, a semblance of order. We were lined up in rows and made to pose as civilized students of a civilized institution.

And then we were made to say, “CHEESE”.

Much has changed since then. But the joy of being a team together in one frame remains the same. Meet the members of our animation studio.


Front Row (L to R): Ankit Wadha (Animator), Moon Arun (Chief Operating Officer), Aditya Singh (CEO), Komil Sharma (Business Development Manager in training), Aditya Choudary (Creative Director) & Arvind Kumar (Concept Artist)
Back Row (L to R): Pluto Panes (Digital Marketing Manager) & Rohit Nandan (SEO Expert)
And Troy (Chief of Security)

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Goodbye Party for Dinesh Sharma

They say the first impression holds a lot of memory ground. And Dinesh was spot on in gaining that space. His resume was not just a detailing of his skills but a graphical representation of his attitude. His self portrait beaming on the corner left.

Though the time he spent with us maybe be short in length yet its magnitude can only be measured in its depth. He was a graphic designer who loved to wear many hats. He was a doodler. An animator. An illustrator. A video editor. A green tea maker. A Table Tennis player. He was honest about himself. And true to his environment. No task was a burden. And no vision insurmountable. Learning was his hobby. And he excelled.

Life was beginning and he wanted to hold the helm and stand steady. He wanted to expand with the universe. He wanted to breathe with the wind. He would carry a notebook to copy his experience. A sketchbook to draw his inner self. A mind to colour with the wonders of imagination.

Dinesh is a smart worker. He knows he can learn from everyone and everywhere. And he does. Now he parts with us and will restart his education. He has been selected by the prestigious ‘Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute’. We wish him all the best.

He will always be a part of the Brainpan Studio and a part of the studio will always be with him. Fare you well, dear champ. Fly well.



P.S The title is an obvious reference to the Indian poet, Nissim Ezekiel’s poem ‘Goodbye Party for Miss Puspa T.S.’.

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