Original Graphics for Social Media Campaign

As the digital world marches on into the ongoing era of mass decimation of information, more and more of it echoes the tune of social networking. Peer influence and individualized expression has made social media the hub for advertising. It is the playground for the influencer and the influencee. And the perfect place to directly interact with the customers.

All social media campaigns must be reflective of the particular platforms and personalised to individual products and services. Original content that foregrounds the company and entertains the audience is the backbone of any effective social media campaigns.

At Brainpan Studio, we work at tandem with our clients to visualize and create effective campaigns to better place their products in the social media networks.

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CLIENT: International Society for Olympiad.
ISFO is an international platform that provides exams of levels of increasing difficulty in the subjects of science and maths to students from II to XI.

Visualization: Gone are the days when one needed to refer to multiple sources to improve their understanding of key concepts. ISFO gives students an easy to access and thorough grounding of all they need to know and more.


Visualisation: ISFO helps students power through important junctures and crossroads they may encounter along their academic career. ISFO guides and steers them along the path that best suits them.


Visualisation: ISFO students are buzzing with new ideas and innovations! Their minds are nothing less than godlike.

Power within

Visualization: ISFO creates champions.

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