Celebrating International Yoga Day

While UN along with Raju khainee wala, Patanjali atta lovers, Karol Baag hotties, Makhanwali Moshi and our unmindful Khakhee neighbours celebrate International Yoga Day. We at Brainpan Studio celebrate International Yoda Day.

yoda day 2.jpg

“Yoda is not Indian” and “it does not belong to India”, mystic and Jedi master Gurukul Chattopadhyaya told a Brainpan Studio meeting on Monday with a rhetorical flourish.

“Yes, it originated in India,” he told a national audience of animators and visual artists.

Chattopadhyaya was speaking at the Yoda Day eve event “Conversation with Masters: Yoda for the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

As part of Yoda Day celebrations , a series of Yoda poses were projected on to side of the Studio building on Monday night.

With the individual starts the path to achieving those goals, said he. “Changing not the individual will transform not the world. A larger manifestation of who we are the world be.”

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Mock Visual: Delhi Rains

As heavy rains pour on the dust roads of Gurgaon and Delhi, the heat abates for a day. But lack of any system of drainage turns the cities into flooded bowls. To help commuters stranded in the mess, Uber andOlacabs launches shuttle boats. Available only on the worst roads of Delhi and Gurgaon. Avail now.

Sometimes art is just once removed from reality. Visualized by Moon Arun.


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