Notes on Character Animation


Character animation is the art of endowing a personality to a character according to the tasks at hand using the guiding principles of animation.”
Moon Arun (COO)

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“The most important element of character animation is rhythm. The upper movement of a body should align with the lower body movements. The primary action should be woven seamlessly with the secondary action.

We must pay special attention to the shift in the environment due to the changing motion of the characters. These small details matter.”
Aayushi Sharma (Animator)


“Real world reference videos are helpful in replicating the same movements in the fictional environment. Recording motion or referring to Youtube videos are great sources towards logical understanding.

And of course timing and spacing are important nuances to focus on.”
Himanshu Bassi (Animation) 


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Happy Teachers’ Day

The quest for knowledge is primal to our very existence. A journey through limited time and unlimited space. A lifelong interaction with our ever changing environment. There is an inner light in all of us. An aspiration, a will, a desire. There is an inner child in all of us. Always curious. Always inquisitive. Always learning.

The day we discover the student in us, we uncover the teacher as well. Happy Teachers’ Day to all who guide themselves and pave the path for the rest.


September 5 is celebrated in India as teachers’ day. It marks the birthday of the distinguished philosopher and statesman, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

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