2D Animated Video for ISFO

Client: International Society for Olympiad 

ISFO is an international platform that provides exams of levels of increasing difficulty in the subjects of science and maths to students from I to XII.

Broad business goals: To introduce the company to the potential audience. Brand placement and make the moniker ISFO identifiable with ‘education’, ‘guidance’ and ‘nurture’. To get students interested in olympiads. To partner with schools to create a credible and effective international examination mechanism in the field of science and mathematics.

Immediate business goal: To encourage students to register for the upcoming ISFO Science and maths olympiads. Highlight the grand prize (a trip to Singapore).

Target Audience: Students, parents and schools.

Issues important to the brand: Education, learning, global testing.

Taking from the client’s motto “International Society for Olympiad is not just a series of tests, it’s a way of life”, we created an animated world of ISFO. Join us as we take you along this ride.

From conceptualisation, to character design, to visualisation, to storyboarding, to voiceover, to animation, we present to you ISFOLAND.


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Social Media Visualization: Little Monu

From concept to paper to screen. Our social media strategy involves a careful selection of content, in studio visualization and distribution through various media channels. | Client: International Society for Olympiad


CONCEPT: ISFO helps school students to explore their scientific acumen and their mathematical prowess. ISFO also offers selected students a study trip to Singapore.

VISUALIZATION: Little Monu is thrilled to take a trip on the ISFO ship to explore the far reaches of the scientific and mathematical world and join other international students at Singapore. Monu is excited to take part at the Singapore and Asian Schools Maths Olympiad.


Visual Content: Our graphic artist converts the paper boy into a colourful screen avatar. Little Monu comes alive at the Brainpan Studio.

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