7 Traits of Millennials as the Anxious Generation

Once known as the birds that never leave the nest, the millennial have finally flown into the vast blue sky. Yet this flight of the sparrows is riled with nervousness and anxiety.


Photograph by Jeremy Yap


We have built our tribe but we have grown disenchanted with the community. We as a generation have rewritten the rules of engagement. When there was nothing left to discover we have invented worlds. And in our zeal to outdo the old, we have built our own monuments to our own ingenuity and vanity.

Anxious bird traits:

  1. The first internet generation
    Generation X took steps into the outer space. They explored the extent of the frontiers. And we looked deeper and located our own space. Internet changed everything. It opened up horizons beyond imagination. We became the pioneers of the digital age.
  2. Overbearing parents
    Parents heralded political affirmations/tumult. They saw human rights becoming a basic tenant of life. And they believed in their self-righteousness. They grew over protective and saw their children through their own prism of life.
  3. Changing family structure
    We started questioning the sanctity of the family structure. We became wary of the artificial bonds. We wanted the nest yet we wanted our own straw. Physical interaction became a thing of the romantic past.
  4. Social media exposure
    Once upon a time there were two types of people, the introvert and the extrovert. Social media crashed through the binaries of personalities. The world came into our living room through the screen. We brought in on-demand interaction.
  5. Permanent migration
    Freedom of movement with huge strides in mobility put the map under our feet. But unlike the generation before, who would still believe in the idea of home and the world. The world became our home. We migrated permanently. There is no going back to the old town.
  6. Instant gratification
    We don’t know how to be bored anymore. We are perpetually swiping or scrolling. We have attention span lesser than a goldfish. Instant gratification disassociates us from creating meaningful and long-lasting relationship with our surroundings.
  7. Unique vs uniform
    We believe we are different and with the dawn of the digital age and the access to information, we could see ourselves standing aloof. We see ourselves as individuals in a fluid relationship with its society. We choose uniqueness over uniformity.

Are these the traits for anxiety?  Have we built self-amusing mazes for ourselves? Are we co-creators of epics of disillusionment? Are we explorers of new territories or wanderers of our lost garden?

Please write in with your viewpoints. Your interaction is precious to us.

This following video showcases how to deal with depression in this age of anxiety.

-Yours Truly,
Baba Toon

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