Step 1 of Our Work Process

The 5 Step Process
Step 1: ReSEARCH

We understand your product and business thoroughly through intensive research of your business and product, based on our project questionnaire filled by you. Your feedback will be taken. From there our team will re-MODEL your vision into a workable STORY.

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“A to G of Digital Concept Art” by Moon Arun


An idea could be anything from this world or beyond; it could be real or unreal. It could be a figment of your imagination. Or the exact crown on the statue of liberty. But it needs to be built upon. Similarities studied, flaws discarded. The science behind the spark needs to be pondered upon. An idea may come to you in your dreams. To see how the idea plays out, you need to execute accordingly.

Search and find out the realm of possibility. The existence of your idea and its validity. Research enables you to look at your idea logically. It shows you if your imagination has merit and if the magic is indeed bona fide.

Filter your idea through references. Ideate to make it stronger. Clear out your doubts, work out the plausibility. Infuse your idea with a visual language. Test it against the existing worlds. Maximize your idea with a plurality of inputs.

Your first sketch is not your final sketch. There are many views to an idea, many perspectives, many shades, and many interpretations. Work with different styles and compositions. There will be many versions of your idea. Choose the one that holds true to your rhythm. Choose the one that resonates.

Choose the best doodle. Work with proper fundamentals in composition, anatomy, rule of thirds and perspective. After defining the outlines or contour lines start with blocking. A greyscale shows you the overall picture. It enables you to realize how your idea will eventually pan out. Colour helps you set the mood and the age of the scene. It helps showcase the time and the era and the setting. Lighting sets the frame. It builds the environment. It helps you highlight elements and it gives the special touch to your idea. A scifi sketch and a historical sketch can be altered just by the use of lighting.

Art is a perfection of your expression. Until you are able to depict your idea in its most intimate and extravagant details, don’t accept. Don’t get too possessive of your arcs and shades. Don’t compromise on your idea. Remember you are refining your own self with every new sketch. Reboot and restart.

The age of mediocrity ended with the age of nobility. As a creator you are endowed with the ability to achieve greatness. Don’t become a Disney stooge. Look into the horizon to step outside the narrow boxes. Don’t trace heroes, create universes. Create something important. Create something that will fight the passing of time and leave a mark for eternity.


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Step One: The Idea

An idea is the initial spark. It is the primordial seed. It is the birth of a future. A world that will establish itself and create rules of its own. It is the first step into the brave new world.

An idea is derived out of a vision. Not like the ones that the charlatans profess. A vision is ones interaction with an universe that doesn’t exist yet. A leap of faith, maybe. And an idea comes into life.

Like the oldest story ever heard, it is the big bang. It is the birth of a system. The source of energy and direction. An idea is the star around which all the elements rotate.

At Brainpan Studio, we weave the vision of our clients into ideas. The idea illuminates. It illustrates. It creates. An idea is the light that gives darkness its shade.


We, at Brainpan Studio, work in sync with our clients to give life to your imagination. From concept to paper to screen, we visualise your dreams. Our highly animated team of visual and graphic artists work in tandem with you to reimagine, visualize and implement the ideas. Give wings to your vision.

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Baba Toon Goes to Funky Town

The adventure of Baba Toon continues. With his deep insight into human psyche and the workings of the animated world, he walks the earth. He looks for capable life givers. He looks for the bearers of philosopher’s stone. He looks for the glint in the eye. He carries his bag of magic tricks.

Baba Toon enters the Funky Town, with his bindle full of ideas. He wants to share his vision for the world, with the world. His mission: To showcase the versatility of animation. What better place to start than Funky Town, where everything goes down!

Do you have a brand new start-up with some crazy ideas to shake things up?


Concept: Aditya Choudary | Brought to life by: Brainpan Studio

Coming soon the whiteboard animation depicting “The Adventures of Baba Toon in Funky Town”.

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Simultaneous Spontaneous Spark

A company is not a collection of toys. It is not one man’s dream being hammered into reality by a workforce of minions. A company is not a logo, a motto or a vision. The essence of a company lies in that very word, company. We are IN company and not AT company. A stable and evolving eco-system uses the internal integrity to force on the external and not vice versa. The internal integrity of a company depends on Simultaneous Spontaneous Spark. Not a bunch of workers relaying the idea of the founder. But individuals who radiate with their own light and work at tandem to give life. Each insanely detailed gear working in motion to inspire and integrate.

At Brainpan Studio, we work together, we work as different. We are magicians, dreamers, poets, acrobats, animators, pencil sharpeners. We are trees, pipelines, canvases, clocks, neon lights, water slides. We are light and we are life. We are alive. Brainpan Studio is our forest. And we are one in motion.

Story boarding

Our process starts with interaction. Our clients. This gives rise to an idea. An idea that grows with imagination. Imagination flows into a concept. A concept that is then visualized. And this visualization is then implemented.


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