Baba Toon Goes to Funky Town

The adventure of Baba Toon continues. With his deep insight into human psyche and the workings of the animated world, he walks the earth. He looks for capable life givers. He looks for the bearers of philosopher’s stone. He looks for the glint in the eye. He carries his bag of magic tricks.

Baba Toon enters the Funky Town, with his bindle full of ideas. He wants to share his vision for the world, with the world. His mission: To showcase the versatility of animation. What better place to start than Funky Town, where everything goes down!

Do you have a brand new start-up with some crazy ideas to shake things up?


Concept: Aditya Choudary | Brought to life by: Brainpan Studio

Coming soon the whiteboard animation depicting “The Adventures of Baba Toon in Funky Town”.

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