Thursday Morning at the Studio

The workflow at the studio is quite elaborate yet it works seamlessly because of our understanding of each others’ strengths and weaknesses, our mental stamina and our building blocks. No member is an island. No idea is ignored.

The process:

The creative director comes up with the concept and frames the dialogues.

The graphic artist designs the characters and draws up the storyboard.

The script is sent to the voice over artist.

The animator breathes in the magic portion.

Life infused.

The notable musician and friend from the Jazz-funk quartet “Afterglow”, Shivam joins us at the studio on his birthday. Making music is much more than just playing the instrument. A musician must take part in all aspects of the journey of creation and dissemination. A music video is a child nurtured.

Shivam puts on his producer’s cap to give us feedback on Afterglow’s upcoming music videos.

Thursday Morning.jpg

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Client Profiling: Doctor’s Diary

Client: Doctor’s Diary

About: Doctor’s Diary is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) application that promises ‘one patient, one record’ for 1.25 billion Indian population. Doctor’s Diary facilitates a holistic understanding of each patient’s health, minimizes human errors, prevents wrong diagnosis and helps the doctor make a more informed decision.

Need: To interact with the Indian population. Identify target. Reach patients and create buzz. Highlight health and technology. Record  and automate doctors and patient interaction.

Requirement: Media to entice customers. An informative video that details the client’s purpose and intent. An instructional menu through an interactive medium. A video instructional manual.

Process: Content Assimilation> Scripting> Voice Over> Storyboard> Graphic> Animation> Final Editing 

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