Shared Mobility Pledge by Uber: A Case Study

A brand gains long term relevancy for its audience only when it not just answers the present queries but also designs a solution for the future. The audience knows what it requires today but is largely unaware of the future challenges. Unlike what we would want to believe, the audience mostly do not take ‘informed’ decisions.


Most often than not, it is the wave of emotions that guide them towards choices rather than well calculated decisions. Therefore the job of a brand is not just to echo back but rather to discover the next stepping stone and guide the audience towards the bridge to future.


Uber is a global taxi aggregator. It aspires to make “transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere and for everyone”. But it realises than logistics is not just its big worry. It is to enable a viable city ecosystem that can keep such a mechanism running and pertinent. 

Uber joined 14 other transport and technology companies to sign ‘Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities’.

In their statement they state, “The Shared Mobility Principles provide a clear vision for the future of cities and create alignment between the city governments, private companies and NGOs working to make them more livable”.

  • Prioritise people over vehicles
  • Support the shared and efficient use of vehicles, lanes, curbs, and land
  • Autonomous vehicles in dense urban areas should be operated only in shared fleets

How does Uber convey this message in a memorable and engaging way to its audience?
Solution: Using the golden unicorn of the digital age: VIDEO.


At Brainpan Studio we simplify complexity. We help brands bypass the language flaw of miscommunication and create impactful digital and visual communication.
We don’t offer answers, we design solutions.

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