The Friday Class Photograph

Remember the annual day during the school years when we were exposed in front of the camera? A photographer was called and we were all tidied up. No ruffled hair, no missing shoe laces, no untucked shirts. We were sobered up. And in the next hour, the improbable was made possible. Out of chaos, a semblance of order. We were lined up in rows and made to pose as civilized students of a civilized institution.

And then we were made to say, “CHEESE”.

Much has changed since then. But the joy of being a team together in one frame remains the same. Meet the members of our animation studio.


Front Row (L to R): Ankit Wadha (Animator), Moon Arun (Chief Operating Officer), Aditya Singh (CEO), Komil Sharma (Business Development Manager in training), Aditya Choudary (Creative Director) & Arvind Kumar (Concept Artist)
Back Row (L to R): Pluto Panes (Digital Marketing Manager) & Rohit Nandan (SEO Expert)
And Troy (Chief of Security)

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Step Four: Scripting & Voice Over

THE PROCESS OF CREATION: Idea> Concept & Character Design> Storyboard> Script & Voice Over> Animation

A SCRIPT is the language of the newly created world. It is the medium through which the characters interact. And in turn this world interacts with its audience. It is an interplay of words generating meaning. A script is the lifeline. It is the backbone of a holistic structure. It is the screenplay. It is coherence and order.

The VOICE OVER is the vocal form of the dialogues and narration. A script is forwarded to a voice over artist who bring audible characteristics to life. A voice over adds distinct nuances to the flow of the narration. It accentuates the situation. It adds humour and tone. It sets an audible environment. It is the spirit that inhabits the fantasy world.

A script together with the voice over brings the process of creation to the penultimate stage. Just short of breathing in life, the basic body is ready. We, at Brainpan Studio have our creative director pen the most outrageous of scripts which is then carved and molded to fit our client’s sensibilities. We rely only on the very best professional voice over artists to give voice to our creation. The character voices are carefully chosen to match the attitude of the design. Revisions are requested. And finally we are ready to animate.


We, at Brainpan Studio, work in sync with our clients to give life to your imagination. From concept to paper to screen, we visualise your dreams. Our highly animated team of visual and graphic artists work in tandem with you to reimagine, visualize and implement the ideas. Give wings to your vision.

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