Simultaneous Spontaneous Spark

A company is not a collection of toys. It is not one man’s dream being hammered into reality by a workforce of minions. A company is not a logo, a motto or a vision. The essence of a company lies in that very word, company. We are IN company and not AT company. A stable and evolving eco-system uses the internal integrity to force on the external and not vice versa. The internal integrity of a company depends on Simultaneous Spontaneous Spark. Not a bunch of workers relaying the idea of the founder. But individuals who radiate with their own light and work at tandem to give life. Each insanely detailed gear working in motion to inspire and integrate.

At Brainpan Studio, we work together, we work as different. We are magicians, dreamers, poets, acrobats, animators, pencil sharpeners. We are trees, pipelines, canvases, clocks, neon lights, water slides. We are light and we are life. We are alive. Brainpan Studio is our forest. And we are one in motion.

Story boarding

Our process starts with interaction. Our clients. This gives rise to an idea. An idea that grows with imagination. Imagination flows into a concept. A concept that is then visualized. And this visualization is then implemented.


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