The First Anniversary

The First Revolution Around the Sun

One year is a lot of days. Most accept a division of 365. Yet to capture the flow of a river into ripples is mind-boggling. Brainpan Studio grew out of an interaction. A meeting of minds. Between a hustler and an artist.

Moon Arun was born in a village in Assam. Far removed from placidity and grimes of a city life, his imagination grew no bounds. Saurabh, the international hustler entices Moon with the dreams a brave new animated world. Moon meets the sun. Aditya, the musician, the gamer and the entrepreneur assumes the mantle of the CEO. The task to build a family begins. Under the guidance of the determined duo, the spark lights the imagination.


The Family:

Saurabh: The international hustler
Aditya: The tech support
Moon:The anti-pollution activist
Shashank: The guiding partner
A/C:The one who picks the fridge for the ball.
Arvind:The married man
Ankit: The TT player who also acts as an animator.
Komil: The scary lady from the house.
Jatin: Fitness freak
Surbhi: The newbie
Aayushi: The newbie
Mayank: The rescue animator
Sumanto: The JNUwala

The ones who parted:

Pollov: The weirdo from hyperspace.
Dinesh:Visual designer with an eye for stranger things.
Rohit: Search Engine Obsolete
Ankit Sharma: Interned and gone
Tanuj: Char din ka meheman.

The mentors:

Prasun: The bald and beautiful maestro
Chandranshu: The Valmiki
Manas: Sculptor and weeder par excellence
The boy with the camera tattoo.
Ashish: The skeptic and the misanthropist.
Aparnaa: The co-founder at Innovation.

The help:

Raju: Kamchor
Maid: Troy knows what he did.

Thank you for being a part of this spectacular journey. Together we grow and evolve. We are humbled by your appreciation and love. Join us in the celebration.

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