The Migration Story: Moon Arun

From the forests of Kaziranga to the concrete jungle of the capital city, Moon‘s migration story is rooted in the changing landscape. Mythologies of the Eastern sky merged with the science fiction of the northern horizon and the new world became his blank canvas. After years spent practicing and perfecting the drawing curve, he visualizes the ideal art space for animators and visual artists. Together with Aditya Singh, he raises Brainpan Studio in the heart of the satellite city of Gurgaon to consolidate diverse creative voices.


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Know thy CEO

Aditya was born into a family of doctors in the Nababian city of Lucknow. Taught to observe and follow the patterns of the world, he developed an analytical bent of mind at a young age. With a problem solving attitude and a will to build, he joined VIT to pursue his B.Tech in Biotechnology. College saw him pick up his guitar and discover his own expression in music. After working as a Systems Engineer at Infosys, he left for United States to become a research intern at Boehringer Ingelheim. Looking at the microcosmic worlds in a petri dish, triggered a quest to explore the vastness of space.


He backpacked through India chasing stars and capturing light through his lenses for a year. The cold winters of 2011 saw him volunteer with the NGO Karmabhoomi in the barren icy terrains of Ladakh. He taught chemistry, biology and aspiration to the secluded school kids of Turtuk. Inspired by nature’s reliance on co-existence, community building became his next obsession. He wanted to bridge the twain; his scientific outlook and his artistic temperament. An entrepreneur at the day and a photographer at the night, he built RumbleArt as an online marketplace for fine art photographers to showcase and sell art prints. Working with the motto, CREATE, EVOLVE and SUSTAIN, RumbleArt became an interactive space for artists to engage.

Meeting Moon Arun, a visual artist per excellence propelled him towards his next journey into the art world. Together they formed Brainpan Studio. Initially conceived as a wing of Brainpan Innovation, it soon took up wings of its own. Backed by incredible artistic vision and strong operational mettle, Brainpan Studio soon gained the trust of clients like Uber, Escorts and Pernod Ricard. Brainpan Studio is a small team with giant ideals. Aditya is an ardent believer of mutual progress and co-dependent social interaction.

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Moon Likes to Doodle


Moon grew up in Assam amidst the lush green landscape. It was so full of life. He grew up in a village bordering Nagaland. They would sit around bonfires and listen to old folk tales and legends. And his eyes would light up, brighter than the fire. Inspired by noble Karna he took up archery and would practice for hours in the tree groves. Seeing the distant hills, he could instantly become Hanuman en route to Lanka to save my allies. The forests of Kaziranga was teeming with animals and the fables of the Panchatantra would come alive. There was no limit to imagination.


He always loved drawing and sketching but didn’t take it very seriously until he reached college. Till then he did it for fun. But as he grew older, nothing else seemed as exciting as art. Watching movies by Spielberg and characters from Disney and Studio Ghibli, he was suddenly made aware of the potential of art. He got serious. He started studying illustration, anatomy and design on his own. Then he came to Delhi to study animation. The craziness and the pace of city-life stretched his horizons. Suddenly his landscapes of home had futuristic space-crafts flying into them and he emerged as a Concept-artist.


Moon Arun is the Chief Operating Officer at Brainpan Studio. He is prime creative force and guide for the team of pandoras. You can follow his work at Moon Sketchbook (FB) and Behance.

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