Storytelling Workshop at Daulat Ram College (DU)

We create and we impart. We discuss and we implore. As a part of our “Initiate the Future” programme, we are conducting a visual storytelling workshop for the students of Daulat Ram College (University of Delhi).

Daulat ram College

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Across the Chhaki Nala

The team’s first official excursion outside the studio walls was a treasure trove of memories. Newer bridges built, old streams crossed. We left the concrete jungle to meet the wild ones. We stepped into the valley of the gods. Witnessing the familial in a distant world makes the embrace eternal. In the high reaches of the holy Himalayas, we rewrote the vows of our sacred bond.

Across the Chhaki Nala, we found our oasis. Three enchanting days at Mount Happy, a cottage lost in apple orchards and surrounded by snow touched peaks.


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Baba Toon Interviews Surbhi

No act of growing up in Mathura is ever untouched by the presence of god. Religion was an omnipresent entity. Each day was a festival in praise and servitude to god. Daily processions and ringing bells brought in the days and ended the nights. Interaction with the multitude of faithful gave a sense of a larger existence yet denied the right to an individual identity. Books, studies and sleep became the escape from the time harrowing chants. Closing the window to the outside world, opened the corridor to imagination.

Name: Surbhi Goyal | Education: B. Design from Banasthali University


An Interview with the intern.

What is concept art?

Surbhi: The varied possibilities and potential of any given topic is concept art. It is the expansion of the mind to newer things and imagination.

What part of your life involves art?

Surbhi: Art is an integral part of my life. Art is a representation of my own self. It is the medium through which I interact with the world and interpret my own being.

What are the markers of a good concept art?

Surbhi: Good concept art should reach the minds of the audience. The perceptive of the end viewer is paramount to the process of creation. It should be different and yet palpable to the understanding of the observer. Understanding supersedes aesthetics.

What else other than concept art excites you?

Surbhi: Having my own time and talking to myself. 😀 Sharing moments with my close ones. Mysterious movies.

Do you have any final words?

Surbhi: “What you seek is seeking you.” It is a quote by Rumi.

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Step Four: Scripting & Voice Over

THE PROCESS OF CREATION: Idea> Concept & Character Design> Storyboard> Script & Voice Over> Animation

A SCRIPT is the language of the newly created world. It is the medium through which the characters interact. And in turn this world interacts with its audience. It is an interplay of words generating meaning. A script is the lifeline. It is the backbone of a holistic structure. It is the screenplay. It is coherence and order.

The VOICE OVER is the vocal form of the dialogues and narration. A script is forwarded to a voice over artist who bring audible characteristics to life. A voice over adds distinct nuances to the flow of the narration. It accentuates the situation. It adds humour and tone. It sets an audible environment. It is the spirit that inhabits the fantasy world.

A script together with the voice over brings the process of creation to the penultimate stage. Just short of breathing in life, the basic body is ready. We, at Brainpan Studio have our creative director pen the most outrageous of scripts which is then carved and molded to fit our client’s sensibilities. We rely only on the very best professional voice over artists to give voice to our creation. The character voices are carefully chosen to match the attitude of the design. Revisions are requested. And finally we are ready to animate.


We, at Brainpan Studio, work in sync with our clients to give life to your imagination. From concept to paper to screen, we visualise your dreams. Our highly animated team of visual and graphic artists work in tandem with you to reimagine, visualize and implement the ideas. Give wings to your vision.

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What is Character Designing?

They say that a picture tells a thousand words. But then that is just a conservative estimate.

A character is not a static design. It is a dynamic entity. A character is a multi-dimensional figure hiding in the garb of a 2D depiction. It portrays depth, timeline and interaction. A character is a persona. A character has life. A character is his/her/its own story.

A good character design narrates fascinating tales. It depicts attitude, poses, body language and emotions. It relays its existence. It doesn’t just sit there like a slob waiting to be dumped on animation. Animation only gives wings to the flight that is already infused in the character. A good character has a past, a present and a future. Its existence is encoded in its design. A good character design builds an environment. A character doesn’t float in vacuum. It exists with interactive elements. It has a home and a world.

A good character design creates a language. It builds the DNA. It breeds movement. Only then can a character evolve.


Tell us about your character designs. Which is your favourite character that you have designed? What stories do they speak?  Write in. Drop a line. 🙂

We are looking for a VISUAL ARTIST to join our ranks. We draw, we paint and we play ball. Our studio is located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.
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