Concept Art: The Myth

Era |||:|

Even today the Phantom Warriors of the NeonGuards keep searching for that weapon, that spell, that weakness that keeps the planet still alive. They have plundered, destroyed, annihilated the planet yet MainFrame still breathes, it still lives on. The air of the land is drenched in toxic fumes. Biocorrossive chemical residues mask the surface. Nothing remains of any civilization that once lived yet the forces of Anteros continues the search for the missing link.

NeonGuards are perfect soldiers. Created and bred to be warriors. Armed by the known universe’s most advanced technocratic society. Vin Anteros also sent his favourite project, the Athenas. They can find out anything. Anything that has ever been hidden can be detected by them. No matter how deep you hide, how high you fling, how lost you get. Athenas find. They are inquisitive little robots. Creatures of artificial intelligence. It remembers. And it searches. It searches now for the lost clue.

Long ago, time swept in the memories of a child, Vin Anteros. It was a myth, an old story and an oracle. That the seed of the MainFrame’s downfall lay buried in its own skin. Vin Anteros has waited for his revenge. He is now mad with vengeance. His eyes fueled with the miners misery. He searches for the final weapon that will finish the tale of the Mainframe and all it will remain will be debris in space, floating for eternity alone.

The destiny of Vin Anteros lies in the heart of the mangled MainFrame.


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The Mystical Process of Animation Depicted in Whiteboard

A meta-narrative of animation is created by this adorable Whiteboard Animation. Baba Toon and the Pandoras (Brainpan members) take you through the journey of art. The process and the purpose of animation is depicted through this beautifully rendered Whiteboard animation.

We present to you the mystical tale of Baba Toon and the process of animation:

Baba Toon has had a revelation, for which he demands the ultimate expression. He deems Brainpan worthy of this holy task.

“Animation is not for the faint-hearted. You must give wings to my vision. You must undergo the ‘Trial by 4’,” says the sage.

Dive deep into the nature of the vision. Give it a voice. Dress it in the finest garments. Breathe life into it and let it fly.

“What then O Holy saint?” asks Brainpan

“Press Play and Enjoy.”

Graphics: Moon Arun | Animation: Pollov | Text: Aditya Choudary 

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