An Interview with Moon Arun

Our spirits were born in the forest. And then they built a village to house us. In the lack of electricity, we lit the fire. In the flame drawn nights, under the star scattered sky, I would lay listening to the old myths of the village elders. My father, the teacher, would lead the circle and I would recreate the stories in my beady eyes. When I first learned the letters, it was not the sound but the form that intrigued me. I would tackle each text question with an illustrated answer. I could re-visualize the world to reflect my dreamscape.


An interview with the artist.

What is your role at Brainpan Studio?

Moon: I look after the operations. They call me the Chief Operating Officer. I make drawings; daily. I create fictional worlds with debris of the broken civilizations. I formulate innovative enterprises to evolve the visual language of the future. We created CURIO CITY to fuel our flight to the stars and beyond. I mentor my team and guide them towards our mutual goals. Together with Aditya, our CEO, we come up with strategies to plan and move forward. It is invigorating to be a part of this young and animated team.

What is your approach towards art?

Moon:  I love to create with my heart, my guts and my soul. Art is the language of my being. Art is my approach towards the world, towards people and its workings. I believe in self-learning. I learn from references, from observation and the various aspects of movement, angle and vision. I am influenced by science fiction, fantasy and dreams. And I want to promote art as an attitude in India.

What part of your life is consumed by art?

Moon: All part of my life. Art is my answer.

Take us through the tools that you use.

Moon: I am frankly astonished by how far I have come. As a kid I didn’t even know that there exists different shades of pencils. I used to just draw with any tool available. Then I got into pastel colours and migrated to oil. Black ink fascinated me. I found the architects’ draft pen then the sharp needle pens and then the Japanese Sakura for detailing. I grew into digital art quite fast. Learnt Photoshop and finally got to the high end using weapons like Wacom tablet and Cintiq.

Tell us a little about your studio and your team.

Moon: Inspired by Studios like Ghibli and Pixar, I always wanted to be part of a space that could replicate such models. I visualised a flexible environment for artists. I imagined a studio that is conducive to art and its practitioners. Brainpan Studio is such a vision. Our team is built to respect both the freedom of artists and the standards of workship. Our team is our family.

Define your partnership with your CEO.

Moon: I am a man of visual culture. My verbal communication is sketchy at best. Adi has mentored me to deal with my surroundings. I learn everyday with him. I share with him my knowledge about the art industry. He is more of a friend than a colleague. We have a mutual understanding that helps us deal with any problems that we face. We interact and we solve and together we have created a space of our own; a creative and innovative zone.

Do you have any final words?

Moon: Lots of final words. Well, sometimes we just need a push.

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