“Why We Do Not Outsource?” by Baba Toon


We do not believe in outsourcing because it is of prime importance to uphold the structural integrity of the organisation. We work on many simultaneous projects and we look out for new potentials to join our ranks and to expand the team. That’s the way we work. We are actively invested in building an inclusive and evolving culture. It is not just the quality or the beauty of our task but the attitude and the philosophy of our work that guides us. And to dilute that in favour of size and quantity is a compromise that we will not make.

We are NOT willing to OUTsource but we are always eager to partner up. Partners are equals in vision, intention and drive. They are the lighthouses that project light to help our ship navigate the unknown waters. Our ship is the arc that holds the grains for our mutual future. Partners share breath and bread. They align with the axis to improve the movement and boost the momentum. They are the links that complement our inherent values and strengthens the chain of organisational integrity.

We do not outsource instead we look for partners.


Note: The fluid words are Baba Toon’s own but the idea was sanctioned by the makers of Brainpan Studio

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Social Media Kindergarten

Being digital marketing advisors to business owners. Studio visit by Ameeta Mohindru and Dishant CA. Social Media kindergarten (says Moon).


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Character Design for CHAOS

Character design for Project Lores at Curio City.
Province: CHAOS
Character: Alex
The Brief: Combine the elements of steampunk and traits of the protagonist of “A Clockwork Orange”. Create a child of distopia, a subject of CHAOS.

An Interview with Moon Arun

Our spirits were born in the forest. And then they built a village to house us. In the lack of electricity, we lit the fire. In the flame drawn nights, under the star scattered sky, I would lay listening to the old myths of the village elders. My father, the teacher, would lead the circle and I would recreate the stories in my beady eyes. When I first learned the letters, it was not the sound but the form that intrigued me. I would tackle each text question with an illustrated answer. I could re-visualize the world to reflect my dreamscape.


An interview with the artist.

What is your role at Brainpan Studio?

Moon: I look after the operations. They call me the Chief Operating Officer. I make drawings; daily. I create fictional worlds with debris of the broken civilizations. I formulate innovative enterprises to evolve the visual language of the future. We created CURIO CITY to fuel our flight to the stars and beyond. I mentor my team and guide them towards our mutual goals. Together with Aditya, our CEO, we come up with strategies to plan and move forward. It is invigorating to be a part of this young and animated team.

What is your approach towards art?

Moon:  I love to create with my heart, my guts and my soul. Art is the language of my being. Art is my approach towards the world, towards people and its workings. I believe in self-learning. I learn from references, from observation and the various aspects of movement, angle and vision. I am influenced by science fiction, fantasy and dreams. And I want to promote art as an attitude in India.

What part of your life is consumed by art?

Moon: All part of my life. Art is my answer.

Take us through the tools that you use.

Moon: I am frankly astonished by how far I have come. As a kid I didn’t even know that there exists different shades of pencils. I used to just draw with any tool available. Then I got into pastel colours and migrated to oil. Black ink fascinated me. I found the architects’ draft pen then the sharp needle pens and then the Japanese Sakura for detailing. I grew into digital art quite fast. Learnt Photoshop and finally got to the high end using weapons like Wacom tablet and Cintiq.

Tell us a little about your studio and your team.

Moon: Inspired by Studios like Ghibli and Pixar, I always wanted to be part of a space that could replicate such models. I visualised a flexible environment for artists. I imagined a studio that is conducive to art and its practitioners. Brainpan Studio is such a vision. Our team is built to respect both the freedom of artists and the standards of workship. Our team is our family.

Define your partnership with your CEO.

Moon: I am a man of visual culture. My verbal communication is sketchy at best. Adi has mentored me to deal with my surroundings. I learn everyday with him. I share with him my knowledge about the art industry. He is more of a friend than a colleague. We have a mutual understanding that helps us deal with any problems that we face. We interact and we solve and together we have created a space of our own; a creative and innovative zone.

Do you have any final words?

Moon: Lots of final words. Well, sometimes we just need a push.

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