Meet Little Blue Riding Rob

The world has fallen yet the world grows. Of all the provinces in the city, INNOCENCE flourishes. Spring is perpetual.

Little Blue Riding Rob celebrates a life of curiosity and wonder.

Discovering the world of CURIO CITY.


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Celebrating Femininity (Happy Women’s Day)

We asked our team how do we celebrate women’s day. We specifically asked the girls in the family. AC bulged in saying that all should take off their tops. Baffled by the reply and yet with composure it is reminded to him that this ain’t men’s women’s day. The opinion of the menfolk don’t count. Specially when seen from the male dazed spectrum. Many would argue that it is just a nominal mark in the calendar created by the gender obsessed world. Many would say that it only helps to re-entrench the patriarchal images of womankind. Yet we ride this wave to renegotiate, to reestablish, to personalise and to reclaim.

Today we celebrate womanhood. This is not a celebration of the binary of sexes. Nor is it a song of descent. This is a festival of regeneration, of nurture and versatility. Today we celebrate the femininity in all of us. 

Happy Women’s Day.


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The Tales of TRAPPIST-1 (The Initiation)

The Initiation

The discovery of TRAPPIST-1 system sets in motion the ancient deception protocols. Built to deflect any intruders from infiltrating the INNER SANCTUM, code Tabula Rasa was initiated.


Series: The Tales of TRAPPIST-1

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The discovery of seven Earth-sized planets around a star called TRAPPIST-1 nearly 40 light-years away has expanded the final frontiers.

This illustration is our artistic depiction of planet E of the TRAPPIST-1 system.

We are currently working on a new scifi series about the discovery. Stay tuned.


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