Hope for Aleppo

The world has been broken into a million little shards. Cities collapse and lives are broken into pieces that will never come together ever again. The age of experience is deeply seeped in violence and politics of power. The belief in the omnipotence has driven humanity to the brink of utter destruction. The world that has dawned upon us is the memory of dust storms hurling towards us.

The only hope in this conundrum is the age of innocence. The only hope is the unsullied vision of the young lives. Let them be free. Let us not teach the young the ways of our world. Let them be innocent. And from the ashes of this corrupted world, a beautiful and pristine universe will emerge.


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4 thoughts on “Hope for Aleppo

  1. This is intense and powerful and also beautiful. You describe exactly what keeps me going, our responsibility to the young ones in this world! Raise one child to a higher level and it will touch 40 people in its own life! I am not sure if you guys celebrate the festive season but I do wish you lots of Love and Peace and keep going with your marvelous work! Cheers from Ohio, Johanna

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