Concept Art: The Rise of the Monumetals (xxvi)

xxvi. The Myth of the Golden Egg

The origin of the Jamodoras is shaded in the myth of the golden egg. It is said that ages ago the Jamodoras were the guardians of the golden egg that lay in the center of their world. And a ravaging fire enraged the egg. The giant snake, Kara was born. It fed on the Jamodoras and destroyed their homes. Unable to fend for themselves, they hid in the narrow caves. Then the Jatayus appeared in the sky. These great birds carried them off to their new homes.

After 7 days of flight, they brought them to Arohan, the huge pillars became their refuge. They built houses on these towers and with the help of the Jatayus, they began their lives once more. No one outside their world knows of their existence except the omniscient Elementals.


This is a part of the new Graphic Series: “The Rise of the Monumetals”
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