Music Video for “I Belong to Me” by Afterglow

The fourth video release by Afterglow after “Spaces”, “From Shadows to Stars” and “A Word Once Given” is a soulful journey into rhythm. A jazz composition that will embrace and join you in serenity. Composed and arranged by Shivam Khare and accompanied by Rie Ona on saxophone, Sonic Shori on bass and Sreenath Sreenivisan on drums.

Afterglow’ is a Jazz-funk quartet based out of New Delhi. We are proud to be associated with them for this project. It was truly an enchanting experience to work with this magnificent band.

“This is dedicated to all the brave ones who dare to live their lives on their terms, to all those who have the courage to stand up for themselves, to all those who reclaim their lives from the shackles of this society. I belong to me.”

All feedback will be genuinely appreciated.

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Feedback needed and appreciated dearly

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