Is Science Fiction a belief system?

What is science fiction? Is it a projection of our current ideas into a future self? Is it a delineation of the ‘now’ into a future world? Or is it a fantastical understanding of a brave new world in itself? Fiction deals with imagination. And science wades in knowledge. Is there a conflict of interest here? Or is it the same channel?

We often talk about suspension of disbelief as a medium to understand the nuances of a fictional world. An alien universe, a foreign land, a zone distant from our ‘standard’ way of understanding. Is science fiction possible because we believe in a logical progression of things yet keep alive our disbelief? Our disbelief that colours our sense of wonder.

Science deals with the world of observation and repeatable experiments. And fiction deals in imagination, in make belief, in fantasy. Is it a rebuilding of a world? Can science fiction only exist after we have lost our current home? Human greed and violence will tear us apart. Apocalypse will descend. We will be lost. And then the aliens will come to rescue or to build anew. Godot will come to visit. The aliens will be our gods that we could never find in our world.

Is science fiction our final act of belief? A world destroyed into a million little shards. And the second coming greets us and makes us one.




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