Concept Art: The Fall of Tartarus

Tartarus has witnessed the rise and the fall of many civilizations. It has been the cradle and the grave to many a brave and many a sullied. The origins of the warrior race of the NeonGuards is deeply entwined with the history of Tartarus. Once fortified by a thousand turrets and guarded by the NeonBlasters, it is today the land of the scavengers. The secrets of the old trees and the chants of the high priests of Arhat are now lost forever in a background of treachery and revenge.

The priests of Arhat left the planet immediately when the ever greedy MainFramers sent their miners to work in their sacred lands. But long before the collapse of the Mainframe, before the rise of the NeonGuards, before the miners were abandoned, before the shipbuilders of NuyerXelta, the land of Tartarus was the last of Nature’s refuse. It was initiated as a balance to the mechanical world. Nothing of that world exists anymore.

Tartarus is now the graveyard of the forsaken and the home to the lost.


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