Komil Joins the Team

Introducing KOMIL SHARMA, our newest team member. Being a passionate worker and a strong supporter of expression, Komil believes that her time at Brainpan Studio is going to be a very exciting journey and a path to self exploration and improvement. Visual media has gathered her attention relatively late and she is highly inspired to develop her understanding of the same as the team proceed together to create quality art.

The Interview:

Q. What is your role at Brainpan Studio?

 Komil: I have been hired for the position of Business Development Management Trainee. Currently, I am fulfilling this role as a part time trainee.

Q. What is business development?

Komil: Business Development can be simply understood as working towards the growth and development of an organization. It involves identifying potential growth opportunities for the business and within the internal structure of an organization,  and successful implementation, support and consistent monitoring of the same.

Q. What is your experience in this field?

 Komil: My past experience as an assistant media planner, provides me a glimpse at the comprehensive of list of activities required to determine potential media growth opportunities  for brands and clients. However, this is a relatively new profile for me and I wish to take this opportunity to develop my knowledge and enhance the scope of our business at the same time.

Q. Why is business development important?

Komil: In a competitive and dynamic work environment, it is essential that every organization constantly updates itself with information on market trends, competitors and consumer behavior in order to upscale itself and achieve consistency in business growth, profits and market reputation. All these factors are critical to the survival of any business organization. Business Development focuses on these factors to achieve success within the organization, as well as within the market.

Q. What are the key features to an ideal business development strategy?

 Komil: An ideal business development strategy is dynamic in its nature and adapts itself to current factors and changing market trends. Its success depends on  various factors such as creating defined targets and a structural approach to those targets, a thorough research on existing and potential clients and their organization structure, a strong and convincing approach, the ability to re-evaluate and re-adapt as per client needs etc. A smooth organizational workflow and integration within management allows strength to any strategy, hence, determining the quality and image of the business.

Q. What holds your interest outside work?

 Komil: Currently I am obsessed with my Kathak classes and the understanding of music it has helped me achieve, along with a new found medium of expression. Dance, has always been my language and pursuing it again has helped me delve into my thoughts and clarify my vision.

Q. Do you have any final words?

Komil: Looking forward to Create, Evolve and Sustain with my new family. Cheers!

Pandoras: “We accept you, one of us! Gooble Gobble!”

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