Concept Art: Adrestia Prime

Adrestia Prime is a language of war. Created for justice but coloured in vengeance. Built under the exact guidelines of the supreme commander, Vin Anteros, this is a warship of complete annihilation. Charged by Dieu Generators using Promethium 61 mined from Kronus, it is the pride of the technocratic society of the NeonGuards.

The Harbour of Harmony is one of the three ultra docks on Ceres. Unhinged from the Main Grid, these docks are the station to the most ruthless warships in the known galaxy.

The  NeonGuards are heading towards the War of Xion. Many world will be consumed in this terrible war. Vin Anteros and his forsaken people will be avenged but the gates of Egnon will be thrown open. And chaos will reign again.


We at Brainpan Studio work in sync with our clients to give life to your imagination. From concept to paper to screen, we visualise your dreams. Our highly animated team of visual and graphic artists work in tandem with you to reimagine, visualize and implement your ideas. Give wings to your vision.

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