Step Two: Concept + Character Design

THE PROCESS OF CREATION: Idea> Concept & Character Design> Storyboard> Script & Voice Over> Animation

A CONCEPT is the realisation of the idea. It is the skin and bones of the initial spark. It is the elaborate costume that the idea adorns to convey its distinct meaning. A concept is the fulfillment of the vision that the idea professed.

A concept is not a wild goose chase. It is distinct. It is eloquent. It is significant. And it is relevant. A concept is an proverbial ark that rides the wave and saves the day.

A CHARACTER DESIGN narrates fascinating tales. It depicts attitude, poses, body language and emotions. It relays its existence. A good character has a past, a present and a future. Its existence is encoded in its design. A character design builds an environment.

A character design creates a language. It builds the DNA. It breeds movement.

At Brainpan Studio, we clothe the idea into concept. The characters are designed to breed in this ideal world. The concept through these characters build an universe for the audience to interact. These are the building blocks to the universe that has just burst into existence.


We, at Brainpan Studio, work in sync with our clients to give life to your imagination. From concept to paper to screen, we visualise your dreams. Our highly animated team of visual and graphic artists work in tandem with you to reimagine, visualize and implement the ideas. Give wings to your vision.

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