Masterclass by Moon

Moon Arun, our Chief Operating Officer  and artist par excellence decides to take a masterclass in sketching at the studio. The whiteboard is cleared. The lights dimmed. The temperature noted. The Pandoras gather around with notebooks and pens. Moon deals with the philosophy of drawing. He talks about the aesthetics of line art. The importance of anatomy study. Recognizing the center of gravity. The merit of the side profile. He talks about the fascinating human structure.

Here is a look at the notebooks after one exercise:

Aditya Singh’s notebook:


Moon’s remark: “Hmm.”

Ankit Wadhwa’s Notebook:


Moon’s remark: “Hmm.”

Aditya Choudary’s notebook:


Moon’s remark: “You are a miser!”

Moon three points to success:

  1. Keep a sketchbook
  2. Practice
  3. Practice

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Feedback needed and appreciated dearly

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