What is Character Designing?

They say that a picture tells a thousand words. But then that is just a conservative estimate.

A character is not a static design. It is a dynamic entity. A character is a multi-dimensional figure hiding in the garb of a 2D depiction. It portrays depth, timeline and interaction. A character is a persona. A character has life. A character is his/her/its own story.

A good character design narrates fascinating tales. It depicts attitude, poses, body language and emotions. It relays its existence. It doesn’t just sit there like a slob waiting to be dumped on animation. Animation only gives wings to the flight that is already infused in the character. A good character has a past, a present and a future. Its existence is encoded in its design. A good character design builds an environment. A character doesn’t float in vacuum. It exists with interactive elements. It has a home and a world.

A good character design creates a language. It builds the DNA. It breeds movement. Only then can a character evolve.


Tell us about your character designs. Which is your favourite character that you have designed? What stories do they speak?  Write in. Drop a line. 🙂

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