Character Design for VigilBox

Client: VigilBox is your car’s, virtual security guard; one that literally never sleeps! VigilBox is designed and manufactured in India by an Indian company.

Character: Introducing V. A superhero that protects and prevents automobile crimes. Designed to represent the product itself. V is a personification of VigilBox. Derived out of the logo, V represents the core promises of the product. It reflects the ideals of safety, service and peace of mind.


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Good character design is the backbone of a good media campaign. It is the persona that the company showcases to its potential and existing customers. It is the building block of a company’s identity and its brand. It is the flag bearer of the company’s ethos.

It is paramount in building a good rapport with the audience. It drives credibility and reliability. A good character is multi-dimensional. It transcends both space and time. It speaks for both the company and the customers. A good character is the perfect bridge between the company and the audience. It provokes imagination and takes the audience on a magical journey. It entices, influences and guides.

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