The Adventures of Baba Toon

They say the tragedy of our times is that the wise are uncertain of their certainties while the fools know for sure. In this unholy era the super mart shelves for saints and preachers get filled more. A saint for discount and words for free. Sadhus building scrappers and killing trees. Some run for public offices, some make movies. It is a rotten world indeed. And the wise blind men, holding an elephant and describing a bee.

In all this, though, hope still filters in. From the high reaches of the mighty Himalayas, Baba Toon comes to meet. In spite of the terrible roads and the increasing heat. Nevertheless Baba Toon decided to share his wisdom. Last time when he was in the town, he had a revelation.

“Animation is not for the faint-hearted. You must give wings to my vision. You must undergo the ‘Trial by 4’,” said he then.

The adventure of Baba Toon continues. With his deep insight into human psyche and the workings of the animated world, he walks the earth. He looks for capable life givers. He looks for the bearers of philosopher’s stone. He looks for the glint in the eye. He carries his bag of magic tricks.

One kilometers from Gurgaon, he was spotted by our birds. We wait for you, the mysterious one. We wait for your worldly and other-worldly knowledge. Hail Baba Toon.



Concept: Aditya Choudary | Brought to life by: Brainpan Studio

Stay tuned for our upcoming whiteboard animation depicting the Adventures of Baba Toon.

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