The Evolution of (Wo)Mankind

We ask Pollov, how long will it take to animate? Millennia of progress in a frame. It will take time, he says. Stop the monkey business, we convey. In an hour and half he delivers. The march of mankind. The evolution of homo sapiens is a stark reminder of the irony behind the name.

In Latin it means a wise person. Through generations of shedding hair and building air, we have come to cusp of a mercantile society. From trees to bars. From selves to shelves. From following stars to following stats. The journey of the human kind is a journey of external means. Man is no longer an animal. Man is a product. Man is a ‘prisoner of his own device’.


Graphics by Dinesh Sharma | Animated by Pollov Handique

Brainpan Studio | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Vimeo


Feedback needed and appreciated dearly

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