Creating Worlds: Concept Art

Imagine| Visualize | Implement 

Imagine: Post World Pillaging

Visualize: The decree of Corvus Noon was promulgated in the seven spheres of Xelta9. All dissent to the Vacca Proclamation was swiftly and cruelly put down. The ancient magic of the high priests of planet Rhoden was no match for Lazarus, the destroyer of worlds. Shadow Mercenaries roamed through the dying planets collecting war trinkets.


Artist: Moon Arun | Brought to life by: Brainpan Studio 

We at Brainpan Studio work in sync with our clients to give life to your imagination. From concept to paper to screen, we visualise your dreams. Our highly animated team of visual and graphic artists work in tandem with you to reimagine, visualize and implement your ideas. Give wings to your vision.

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